Ricard Balada | BIO
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He was born in Barcelona in a half Catalan half Andalusian family. He lived there until he was six, when he moved to a little town called Santa Maria de Martorelles.


His first appearance on stage was at the age of 4, in a school performance. First thing he did when he moved to his new home was look for a place where he could continue practising theatre, and there he stayed all his adoslescence.


Ricard came back to the Catalan capital, when he finished his high school, to focus and start his professional studies in the actors training studio Nancy Tuñón / Jordi Oliver, and he combined it with a degree in Psychology at UB.


When he finished his second year of university, he decided to direct his life what to he really wanted: to start fighting for his dream of being a great actor.


From that moment onwards, he started looking for small format projects to continue growing as an actor and learning more about this profession.


Happiness, personal growth and playing as a child again, are the things that give him the strength to continue fighting.


He always able to see the silver linings of life.

“Because pain is life but you can choose what type, either the pain on the world to success or the pain of being hunted with regret.”